Global Village Worker (GVW)

Global Village Worker needs an Internet connection in this Internetrial world.
Every GVW critically needs a stable, consistent and fast Internet connection

The Internetrial Revolution

The internet has opened up, across the globe, a new industrial revolution. History will look back at this millennium and regard the time we are living in as the new internetrial revolution. All of a sudden the information we hold in our hands, on our mobile devices, outstrips any library you might seat yourself in.

Global Village workers studying in the library.
Masses of books and information is now available for the Global Village Worker on a multitude of devices connected to the internet.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

In my days when I was growing up 1950 to 1960, my parents bought an Encyclopaedia Britannica from a salesman who came down the long dusty road to our farm in the outback of Rhodesia. The salesman quite rightly convinced my mom and dad to buy this encyclopaedia. Believe it or not my dad actually had to go and get a loan from the bank to be able to pay for it. It was a serious and exorbitant investment in those days. Visiting the glossy information pages of this extremely well presented encyclopaedia was an exciting and enthralling experience. No doubt this 36 volume bail of paper made a substantial difference to my three siblings and I. We could research the encyclopaedia in the comfort of our home. Projects and satisfying our curiosity became a breeze.

Encyclopaedia Britannica critical information for the GVW

Today, the Encyclopaedia Britannica and many similar collections of information stand around as artefacts of history and fade into insignificance when compared to the diverse volume of current information available across the Internet.

Telephones then and now

In those days the phone was stuck to the wall and you were sharing the line with 12 to 15 other families. You picked up the handset and listened to find out if someone else was using the line. Then you would wind away at the crank and tell the operator where to direct your call. It worked as a voice carrier only (sometimes). Social media in those days was everyone listening in to the conversation you were having on the phone. Anyone on the same line as you could pick up the earpiece and listen in, as you could as well. It was sometimes frustrating when older people would interject in the conversation to “Help out”. Privacy on those old systems was just not possible.

Old crank telephone outdated in our modern Global Village
GVW’s are not tied to any specific location to be able to communicate. Global Village Workers have many platforms which can be used to communicate

Today, the average 10-year-old picks up his mom’s phone and he has in his hand a thousand times more information at his beck and call than the Encyclopaedia Britannica. With the advent and abundance of screens connected to the internet, Information is extremely cheap and easy to access today.

The Virtual Home Office ~ just anywhere there is an internet connection!

I have been mentoring a company which has over the past ten years grew to a seven-figure enterprise with all their staff working remotely. The company has been able to source, through our programs, some of the most amazing people working from anywhere in the world. The laptop lifestyle becoming a reality for these GVW’s. The only requirement to join our virtual office is reasonable computing facilities coupled with a good Internet connection.
The new worlds administrative staff will be working from a computer situated in their own home (or on the beach in the sun). They will sign in to their Skype profile or hosted Chat room, call up all the necessary shared documents and software from a remote desktop, the GVW’s own computer will automatically set up the telephone PABX system, and everything they need will be on their computer desktop.

Travel Time for the GVW is less than 1min to and from work!

The travel time for the GVW is the trip from the kitchen with his cup of coffee in hand to where his desk and computer is. Possibly one minute at the most. Going home tonight entails standing up from your desk, stretching, and walking to the kitchen. Another minute. No cost. Just time and natural human energy.

Picture of the global village worker sitting at his desk working on his desktop computer with his cup of coffee. GVW working is so much better with a cup of good brewed coffee.
The day for the GVW starts with a cup of coffee.


The Global Village Worker in the internetrial revolution needs certain skills and software.

  • reasonable computer ability and skills
  • a good stable high-speed Internet connection
  • the right selection of software
  • depending on the work the correct environment
  • access to support and training
  • oodles of self-discipline
  • a good coffee machine

Who are Global Village Workers?

There are various categories of Global Village Workers;

  • Internet designers,
  • project managers,
  • personal assistants,
  • search engine optimisation staff,
  • Internet security specialist,
  • accountants,
  • lawyers,
  • any type of consultants and trainers,
  • the list just goes on and on.

This list is by no means exhaustive or complete. As we become more adept at remote working and more proficient the longer this list will become and the more specialised the GVW will be.

All GVW’s need trusted resources, training programmes and a mirage of good reliable software, hosted and local.

Shortly we will be making available resources which will include recommended and trusted resources in the form of,

Training programmes for any and all forms of Global Village Workers.  Those that want to make millions and the PA who simply wants to work efficiently for her/his clients.

Trusted software across the whole spectrum of the computer and internet spectrum.

Our objective is that the GVW be empowered and facilitated to do his work in the most effective and efficient way.

How to improve the lot of the GVW

To achieve this we are in the process of recruiting support from those people, companies and entrepreneurs whom we have found reliable and trustworthy. Always ready to give the personal touch and go the extra mile.

As I write this we have a legion of GVWs’ beavering away to make this happen;

Global Village Worker: https://globalvillageworker.com/ – Under construction

GVW.io  – Under construction