GVW ~ Whats needed?


GVW it is an abbreviation for global village workers. These are people who basically do all the work from a home-based office. They are those privileged (GVW’s) few that do not need to leave their homes when travelling to work.

They GVW simply gets up in the morning, goes to his coffee machine and makes a great cup of coffee exactly the way he wants it and then walks to the office and sits down with his cup of coffee to start his working day.

All of this done in the comfort of his home. No significant travelling time and often flexible working times as well. The advantage to the employer is he can recruit the best talents in the world for his tasks.

The advantage to the country where the GVW is working is that it can sell the skills of its workers on a Global platform.

The advantage to the employer hosting country is that it does not to have additional infrastructure and facilities for the GVW employed.

GVW – Global Village Worker

It is really simple for the GVW to get to work and back. There are no travelling times involved. He does not have to sit in or on a car or public transport to get to his work.

As the Internet develops the GVW will become a more and more recognised role for somebody to fill. The best thing about a GVW is that they can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a good suitable Internet connection.

The prime requirements for becoming a GVW include the following resources;

  • really good high-speed and stable Internet connection,
  • an appropriate computer system with the necessary features that include a camera and headset with noise cancelling facilities, normally requires a USB connected headset
  • preferably a computer system with two screens or more,
  • self-reliance on computer skills and the ability to know your way around computer systems that involve remote working,
  • loads of self-discipline,
  • being able to go to your office in your home and knowing you are at work,
  • not being distracted by home life but being able to focus on your work.

The social interactive skills of a GVW are reliant on their ability to socialise and interact with remote workers who are also predominantly GVW’s situated in other parts of the country or in extreme cases the world.

It is this new technology that is going to bring a breed of new workers. The opportunities that are opening up as a result of technologies never before available to the average person in the street are going to bring about dynamic changes to the world workforce. The dawn of the global village workers (GVW‘s) is at hand.

There are many opportunities for GVW’s in this modern age.

GVW – Global Village Workers