Global Village Workers (GVW)

Global Village Workers (GVW)

Global Village Workers or GVW defined.
When we define a “Global Village Worker” (GVW) it relates to someone who predominantly works from home.
The global village worker (GVW) is defined by the fact that he is able to work completely independently from the comfort of his home. He has the facilities to be able to communicate with the rest of the organisation, colleagues, clients and suppliers from within his office environment or whenever and where ever he sets himself up to do this.

In the ideal world, which has been facilitated by the Internet and the advance of computer technology, anyone in almost anywhere in the world can be a global village worker. Today there are numerous systems available which make this type of worker a new potential workforce which can be a resource from any country. There are many advantages to being a global village worker and belonging to the global village workers which occupy our planet currently.

There is no doubt that we will see more and more GVW’s coming into existence in the near future.

The global village worker does need a basic background of computer skills and the ability to improvise and develop beyond what is normally taught in the classroom today. Unfortunately, schools and school curriculums are still taking a lot of time to recognise the stringent requirements of what the computer age will bring to new students. It is mostly incumbent on families to help develop their children for the future in the computer age that we are going into.

Cell phone technology, telephone and VoIP are all part and parcel of what makes it possible for us to be so freely communicateable from anywhere in the world today.

These are the basic requirements of a good and well set up global village workers office;

  • A desk and comfortable chair to work from,
  • good lighting with lots of air flow through the room,
  • air-conditioning or heating depending on which part of the world the global village worker is located,
  • a good fast Internet connection, (normally the absolute minimum would be to be able to Skype and still have sufficient bandwidth in and out to simultaneously carry out other functions)
  • a good coffee machine,
  • a computer with two screens or more as all the work is carried out in cyberspace and on screen. (The global village worker never has to deal with paper.)
  • A proper camera linked to the computer,
  • Backup communication systems, such as a mobile phone or smartphone or tablet with independent GSM and Internet connection in case one loses your main Internet feed.
  • The office or work area has to be isolated from noise,

The global village workers (GVW’s) are seeking new recognition in the working world. The problem as that there are many conventions that I challenged by this type of worker.

The first step to the global village worker was when officers realised that they could allocate home work days to their individual workers who had the correct facilities at home. This was the start for the GVW. Time has now moved on and there are more and more people who now only go to the office on occasion.

There are now companies that are employing global village workers which never come to the office or meet up, on the basis that convention dictates, these people that are GVW’s simply work from home every single day of their lives. They can be located in extremely remote regions of the world and earn really good money doing jobs that had previously been regarded as office jobs.

The advantages of employing global village workers are numerous for the employer and as technologies develop this will be explored more and more by companies small and large.

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