Home Based – Remote working for Carcaptain Limited in London

GVW – Remote Worker Recruit in Brief;

Carcaptain is recruiting remote workers for its London-based operation.

This is an Administrative Client Management post that includes sales. No cold calling, enquiries call in and are looking for the services you have to offer.

Please read this page carefully there are specific instructions on how you are to apply for this lucrative and convenient Job offer.

You will be paid from the London office. This is a regular job.

You do not need to relocate.

Systems training and administration is all done online by remote access. 24/7 Support and interaction with your trainer on a 1 on 1 basis. Just ask. You will learn a new skill and be fully trained and become an efficient remote worker.

You do not need to travel to London for your interviews. Vetting and tests are all done from the comfort of your home.

You will be working from home.

This is a regular Job. Instead of travelling to the office when you go to work, you simply go to your kitchen, get a fresh cup of coffee, sit down at your equipped desk and computer in your home, and you are at work.

All the systems training is provided. The most limiting factor, to be able to do this work, is that you need a well equipped home office with a really good stable internet connection.

You sign in to your remote desk and all your colleagues say “Good morning” as they and you come online.

The Company is very well established and has more than 13 years trading in the London, United Kingdom.

We have remote workers that work with our London based admin team from all over the world.

Carcaptain has been employing remote workers (GVW) for its administration and backroom work from inception. Some of the remote workers have been in employment now as GVW’s for more than 5 years.

You will be joining a team of remote workers (Global Village Workers) that are located on 5 different continents. They all started as regular working people who had good internet and computers in their homes.

Detailed information on the work and the application form that must be filled in if you are serious about applying for this work! Just Follow this Link.

Detailed Job description can be found here; https://www.carcaptain.com/jobs/

Fill in the online application form if you want to be considered for this post; https://www.carcaptain.com/work-application-form/

If you have any queries with regard to this Global Village post please contact Susan in our London office at +44 20 3384 9030

Remote workers are often referred to as GVW’s ~ Global Village Workers.

So why not redefine yourself as a Global Village Worker. (GVW)



Definition of the remote worker, link here for more information; Global Village Worker (GVW)


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